Energy Data management (A.W.T.P.)

Energy Data management (A.W.T.P.)

Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company (EYDAP SA)

Athens Wastewater Treatment Plant

Project in early design stage

Project in progress

This project will provide the necessary energy consumption data to the plant's process engineers.

These will be used for the plant's power consumption optimization, carbon footprint minimization etc.

 Power consumption data will be collected from the main power supply lines (there are two of them)

Data will also be collected from over 100 power metering devices that will be installed throughout the plant.

 A separate fiber optic ring will be installed for this system, so it'll not affect the existing automation and information networks already operating.

 Multiple types of data logging methods will be used and multiple relations between the data will be used in order to produce the required statistics.

 This project will be designed and implemented in such a way, that it'll be easy to adapt it in any other plant requiring power data management and monitoring

Additional Info

  • Development Platform: Siemens WinCC
  • Sector: Public Sector
  • Client Operating System: Windows 7
  • Server Operating system: Windows 2008 Server
  • Computer Languages used: ANSI C
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